Coltene: A Small Step for Dentists; a GREAT Step for Dentistry

Impression & Registration Materials

The introduction of PRESIDENT in 1975 – the first A-silicone in the market – is considered a milestone in the development of high-precision dental impression materials.

After 40 years of innovation and know-how, this well-known A-silicone brand is going to be renewed with the following properties:

•  Slight colour adjustments for better readability

-   New product range expansion for wash materials

-   Additional, runnier light body viscosity – PRESIDENT Xtra light body (Actual PRESIDENT light body is less runny.)

•  New product range expansion for tray materials

-   Additional putty in low final hardness – PRESIDENT putty super soft

-   PRESIDENT heavy body now available in 50ml as well

-   MonoBody for monophase impressions (Better mixing behaviour for actual PRESIDENT putty at constant final hardness.)