Coltene: One Coat 7 Universal: Always the RIGHT Choice

Restorative Materials

Applicable to all dental techniques

Modern self-etch adhesive systems are easy to use these days – thanks to their ingenious properties, irrespective of the adhesive technology. They also provide reliable tooth sealing and superior adhesion in restorations. New standards for reliability and user-friendliness have recently been achieved.

Excellent adhesion on enamel and dentin
The new all-in-one bond One Coat 7 Universal was developed on the basis of the popular One Coat 7.0 as a reliable adhesive system for virtually any indication.

Whether the technique in question is self-etch, selective-etch or total-etch, a single drop bonds light-curing filling materials quickly and is long-lasting.

Consequently, the excellent bonding agent guarantees secure restorations on enamel and dentin, as well as on prosthetic objects made of gold, titanium, ceramic or zircon.

With just one bonding coat, One Coat 7 Universal provides persistently high adhesion values, an excellent marginal closure and outstanding marginal sealing.

The exceptional clinical values of the all-purpose bond are also superior to conventional system adhesives.

As an alternative, a chemically cured product can also be used in combination with One Coat Activator. 

Ergonomic triangular bottle
One Coat 7 Universal is available as an intro kit with the new 5ml bond bottle including etching gel and accessories.

Practical single-dose units are also available. The ergonomically shaped, triangular bottle fits comfortably in the hand due to its innovative design.

The dropper enables fine dosing, which allows the dentist to work economically and with remarkable precision. The contents of the bottle are enough for up to 300 applications.