DenMat: Core Paste® for Core Build-Ups

Restorative Materials

Core Paste XP Syringe has the same strength and excellent handling characteristics of the original Core Paste, with over 29 years of clinical success. The auto-mixing syringe is easy to use and creates up to 60 per cent less waste than cartridge systems that require a dispensing gun. The stackable viscosity allows users to build up without a matrix or core form and the dual-cure formula gives the confidence of a self-cure with the option of light-curing to speed up the procedure.

Core Paste XP Syringe is a creamy, radiopaque paste developed specifically for high-strength, reliable, core build-ups. When there is insufficient tooth structure available for a fixed prosthesis, Core Paste XP Syringe provides the added strength and stability needed for long-term clinical success.

Core Paste XP Syringe is available in Enamel and White, and White with Fluoride – for added protection.


  • Core build-ups

  • Integral post and core procedures

  • Cementation of posts

  • Repairing and preventing split roots

  • Aesthetic posterior restorations


  • Assures complete polymerisation in all situations.

  • Eliminates hand mixing; less waste than cartridge/gun systems.

  • Enamel shade enhances the aesthetics of translucent restorations.

  • White shade is easily distinguished from tooth structure.

  • Easily distinguishable in radiographs.