DMG: Perfectly Combined: Icon Proximal and DMG MiniDam for Interdental Caries

Dental Accessories

Simple, practical: Gingival protection between teeth for local caries treatment

Caries treatment is often unpleasant for the patient and extensive for the dentist. Thanks to the infiltration method with Icon, caries can be stopped at an early stage – quickly, securely and without any pain. If this clinically proven process is combined with the DMG MiniDam silicon protection, proximal carious lesions can be treated in an even more patient-friendly manner – and with less difficulty for the dentist.

The small, easily-applied gingival protection assures a dry and easily accessible work area between teeth in seconds for the user and a pleasantly comfortable treatment for the patient: for minimally invasive caries treatment without drills, clamps and anaesthesia.

The minute DMG MiniDam greatly reduces the workload for dentists and assistants. The elastic silicon protection can be applied rapidly by one person. It self-stabilises, holds without clamps and provides the dentist with a dry work area with an unobstructed view and easy access, thanks to its small size. At the same time, the latex-free aid gives the patient reliable, comfortable protection from harmful substances.


Treat proximal caries in an easy, pleasant way

Whether it’s in restorative tooth treatment or for modern caries infiltration, the DMG MiniDam can be applied precisely between teeth – without great effort, assistance or other aids such as punch and clamp forceps.

The elastic, silicon-based material is first pre-stretched by pulling it apart and then pulled over the teeth in question with the aid of the integrated holes and the flexible interdental section, where it stabilises itself.

This way, it assures relative isolation in the area between the teeth, as well as local gingival protection, thereby facilitating caries infiltration with Icon proximal. This is because when the adaptive silicon protection is stretched over the teeth being treated, the surrounding gum is reliably protected during the pre-treatment in the simplest conceivable way.


No drills or clamps: Caries therapy made easy

Minimal effort for maximum caries and gingival protection: The combination of the innovative DMG MiniDam and minimally invasive infiltration method simplifies and shortens the treatment of localised lesions in the enamel. The scientifically proven initial caries therapy with Icon proximal, which works without anaesthesia and drills, isn't just extremely safe and uncomplicated for the dentist and pleasant for the patient – it also protects the tooth substance.