Durr: Fifty Years of Leading the Way in Suction System Disinfection

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Some of life’s successes start out as a bit of an adventure and that was the case for the development of Orotol. The first formulation of Germany’s leading disinfectant for suction systems was not created in a highly technical laboratory – it was created in a bathroom.

In 1965, Ludwig Pflug developed the first Orotol formula along with Walter Dürr. Fifty years later, his son now heads the Hygiene division at the disinfectant’s manufacturing company, Dürr Dental, and Orotol has taken its place as the flagship amongst their hygiene range. Christian Pflug is well aware of the special challenges of product development. “At the start of the 1960s, Dürr Dental launched the first suction systems onto the market,” he explained. “But the problem was that there were no adequate disinfectants for this new technology back then.” The challenge was to ensure that this innovation in suction hygiene did not fall at the first hurdle. Dürr Dental had to demonstrate its worth as a pioneering company and offer a disinfectant that was non-foaming and effective at the same time as being highly compatible with a range of materials.

With Orotol, the specialists involved in the project met all expectations. The bactericidal, fungicidal and partially virucidal agent even works against 
non-enveloped viruses such as adenovirus and noroviruses. Furthermore, in addition to tuberculosis agents, it also eliminates the hepatitis C virus. Its ingredients have been tailored to the equipment’s materials, including those that are sensitive.

Orotol also ensures that the value of the suction system is retained for as long as possible. It therefore comes as little surprise that it is recommended by leading manufacturers of treatment units. It is ideal for use against hazardous biofilm, and Orotol plus works in conjunctions with MD 555 cleaner for suction systems, MD 550 spittoon cleaner and the OroCup care system.

With regard to brand recognition in the sector, Orotol is comparable with brands such as Tempo and Tesa. Whilst the latter two names are synonymous with tissues and adhesive tape, it is Orotol that dentists think of first when it comes to disinfecting their suction systems.