GC: A Whole New Level in Glass Ionomer Technology

Restorative Materials

EQUIA is a unique restorative system that combines a new generation of glass particles (EQUIA Fil Capsules) and a highly filled resin coating material (EQUIA Coat) that brings glass ionomer technology to the next level.

EQUIA System facilitates quick and easy handling with good physical properties and aesthetics. A single layer of nano-filled EQUIA Coat not only protects the restoration against moisture contamination and acid erosion but also exponentially increases the physical properties of the EQUIA filling, including wear resistance and fracture toughness.

With EQUIA System, aesthetic bulk placement is now possible in posterior restorations. It is a restorative material for long-term posterior restorations with impressive strength on all levels. It also features increased strength of the glass ionomer over time due to the unique secondary maturation effect attributed to saliva.

EQUIA is routinely used as part of treatment strategies for deeper lesions, caries stabilisation and general restorative care of higher caries risk patients, geriatric and paediatric patients. EQUIA is a biomimetic filling material that has a high fluoride release – allowing healing of diseased dental tissues – and encourages remineralisation with antibacterial effects. An aesthetic yet economical EQUIA System sets up a new standard in restorative technology and offers an additional option to meet all patients’ expectations.

Over the last five years, the clinical performance of EQUIA has been highly appreciated by clinicians worldwide. Together with various ongoing clinical studies, EQUIA is proving itself as a long-lasting posterior restorative alternative for the daily, routine practice (in the given indications).