GC: Discover Chemical Bonding at its Best

Restorative Materials

GC introduces G-ænial Bond, a seventh generation, one-step self-etching bonding agent with a unique selective etching approach that builds upon the excellent history of GC’s bonding materials.

GC recognises that chemical bonding is the future and that the key to strong and durable dentin adhesion is a zone of chemical bonding called a Nano Interaction Zone (NIZ). NIZ utilises hydroxyapatite that surrounds collagen to form a strong durable chemical bond. With G-ænial Bond’s two clinically proven functional monomers – 4-MET and phosphoric ester monomer – users are assured of optimised chemical bonding.

G-ænial Bond offers superior bond strength with users’ preferred bonding techniques. It is a generation for all bonds as it gives the best of both worlds in one bottle. Users can choose the self-etch or selective-etch technique, both creating strong adhesion to both enamel and dentin. This product was designed specifically for the “selective-etching procedure”, meaning that bond strengths will be enhanced no matter what technique the professional uses.

G-ænial Bond is formulated for success as it offers durable and efficient bonding with no post-operative sensitivity.
It is HEMA-free, which ultimately gives a long-term, stable bond. The HEMA-free formulation avoids degradation of the collagen fibres decreasing the risk of nano-leakage. With its quick and simple steps, G-ænial Bond ensures fast and precise application.

This product was made with exceptionally thin bonding layer for great aesthetics and easy clean-up with its superb, simple handling properties. You can be assured of an excellent marginal integrity regardless of the technique and composite material.

G-ænial Bond is an excellent choice for all bonding needs. With its clinically proven reliability in independent tests – users can never go wrong with G-ænial Bond.