Ivoclar Vivadent: IPS e.max CAD: Now Compatible with KaVo Arctica

Laboratory Materials

The CAD/CAM system from KaVo is now authorised to mill IPS e.max CAD blocks 

The CAD/CAM systems from KaVo are known for offering high precision and quality for the production of dental restorations. The partnership between Ivoclar Vivadent and KaVo looks back on a long-standing tradition. In addition to KaVo Everest, the KaVo Arctica CAD/CAM system has now been authorised to process IPS e.max CAD blocks.

The most recent software version allows the fabrication of veneers, inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges and copings. In view of the range of possible indications, the IPS e.max CAD for KaVo Arctica blocks are supplied in C14 (HT, LT, MO, Impulse), C16 and B32 (LT). In addition to the refills, an IPS e.max CAD for KaVo Arctica Basic Kit is available for both target groups (dentists and technicians).

Existing KaVo Everest users will also benefit from the new blocks due to the new CAM2 software and the specially developed gripping yoke. The existing KaVo Everest blocks were discontinued since February 2015.

IPS e.max® is a registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent AG.