Mectron: The New Piezosurgery® Inserts

Surgery & Implantology

For osteotomy and periosteum preparation

Inserts OT12 and OT12S for precise and fast bone cuts: Dedicated to the osteotomy techniques where the standard piezoelectric bone saws may have a difficult surgical approach like bilateral sagittal split osteotomy and Le Fort I osteotomy. 

Inserts for periosteum preparation with Piezosurgery®

  • Significantly higher local microcirculation after subperiosteal preparation.

  • Better healing of soft tissue mucoperiosteal flaps, especially in patients with compromised health status.

  • Higher BMP (bone morphogenetic protein) release after preparation compared to conventional preparation with a raspatory.


For sinus lift and implant site preparation

  • New 2.8mm and 3.4mm diameters for the unique Piezosurgery® technique.

  • Less inflammatory cells compared to implant site preparation with drills.

  • More active neo-osteogenesis.

  • Better control of site preparation.

  • Significant bone preservation.

  • Easier and more precise bone perforation.