Miele: Protein Residue Detected Simply, Fast and Reliably

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Quickly implemented and easy to use: These are the benefits of the ProCare Protein Check with which Miele Professional is obviously addressing real user needs. 

Miele Professional: 'ProCare Protein Check' off to successful international start

A set consisting of three pens guarantees a simple and qualitative method of routinely checking the efficacy of cleaning in the reprocessing of instruments. It has been on the market since late 2013 and has been met with an exceptionally positive response in dental surgeries.

Miele pens with their red test fluid are now in constant and regular use throughout the world. This fluid is applied directly to the surface of the instrument to be tested and allowed to stand for three minutes before being rinsed off under running water. Any critical level of protein residue on the instrument is immediately indicated by a tell-tale colour change.

The ProCare Protein Check is a very simple routine check recommended by reprocessing experts and is easy to perform on a day-to-day basis on instruments that have completed a washer-disinfector cycle. A set of three pens is sufficient for 70 to 80 checks.