Polydentia: Professional Splinting Systems

Restorative Materials

Pre-impregnated fiberglass ribbons for dental splinting

F-Splint-Aid & Slim are fiberglass ribbons pre-impregnated with a bonding agent (Fiber-Bond). Thanks to its ease of use, they are particularly suitable for all kind of dental splints for the stabilisation of traumatised or periodontally compromised mobile teeth. F-Splint-Aid & Slim are also indicated for temporary repositioning of extracted front teeth and/or teeth reconstructed in composite.

The kit features F-Splint-Aid (4mm) and F-Splint-Aid Slim (2mm), both offering the same strength. The Slim version has been developed for the treatment of surfaces with reduced dimensions, periodontal splints and post-orthodontic retainers.

The practical black bottles protect the fiberglass from light and allow a precise dosage of the needed splint length, avoiding material waste. Each bottle contains a fiberglass ribbon useful for four to seven applications, depending on the treatment to be performed. Every bottle is delivered with Clip & Splint, the unique autoclavable interdental plastic clips.

This product has been awarded several times by the The Dental Advisor in 2014 and rated 4 Stars by Reality Award 2015.