Polydentia: Vista-Tec Faceshield

Dental Accessories

Swiss feather-light protective shield: Style, comfort and professional look

Vista-Tec is a unique Swiss high-quality protective face shield that is clinically proven and appreciated all over the world since 1989.

Made from carefully selected raw materials, the original Swiss version has a long product lifespan. Polydentia continuously listens to end users in order to assure optimal functionality and high-quality products.

Vista-Tec is feather-light (16g only) and permits comfortable prolonged wearing without being a hindrance to patient communication. At the same time, it gives off a professional yet stylish look – elegant and fashionable. Six different frame colours are available to complement users’ colour preferences. The shields are of high quality, are scratch-resistant and environment-friendly, and the material does not turn yellow.

All Vista-Tec product features have led to accreditations and awards such as the American Top Award (5 stars) and “Preferred Product” award from the Dental Advisor (2008).