Renfert: Calipretto CR: Measures Ceramic Restorations Safely and Efficiently

Laboratory Materials

Metal will no longer wear off: new caliper with fine ceramic ball saves time and money. Less work is required along with greater aesthetics, efficiency and quality and an even safer working process when measuring ceramic restorations.

With the new Calipretto CR, Renfert is now launching a modern dial caliper that measures the wall thicknesses of dental materials very precisely, thus leaving behind absolutely no traces of metal on ceramic.
Its secret is the extremely delicate spherical tip made from high-strength ATZ (alumina-toughened zirconia) ceramic – which measures the smallest areas in the restorations and prevents any impurities and contamination on the dental prosthesis. Even unfired ceramic can be measured down to the finest detail, thanks to the manually controllable measuring tip.

While the metal tips of a conventional caliper (which are softer compared to dental ceramics) sometimes leave behind a dark abrasive trace on the ceramic restoration, the new Calipretto CR precision measuring instrument actually prevents such unsightly marks of metal debris that often impair the working process because the ceramic surface no longer comes into contact with metal. This means there is no longer any impact on the aesthetics, no additional working steps and no unsafe firing processes.


Efficient measuring with no traces of metal or contamination

Instead of a metal tip at its working end, the Calipretto CR has a very small sphere (with a diameter of 0.8mm) made from high-strength oxide ATZ ceramic. This material has a 40 per cent higher flexural strength compared to the established zirconium dioxide, thus ensuring the durability of the measuring sphere. The advantages are obvious: The sphere is designed to be of such a size that even the smallest areas in the restorations can be reached. As the ceramic surface only comes in contact with the ceramic sphere, there is no need for any reworking and the dental technician saves time and money. At the same time, this prevents the prosthesis from being contaminated with metal.

This new measuring instrument offers even more benefits. For instance, the special design of the Calipretto CR also makes it possible to measure unfired ceramic with a reliable process because the pressure of the measuring tip can be controlled with the finger at any time.

The newly developed dial caliper Calipretto CR from Renfert therefore ensures that dental technicians are not only able to check the thickness of the ceramic layer during the production process, but it also guarantees an efficient measuring process free of any residues and a safe firing process without any release of gas from metal traces – whether it is for all-ceramic restorations or unfired ceramic.