VOCO: Efficient Posterior Treatment with x-tra fil®

Restorative Materials

VOCO developed x-tra fil, a bulk-fill composite, especially for quick and effective use in the posterior area. This light-curing restorative material permits tooth-shaded, load-bearing, Class I and II restorations, making it a high-quality, durable and cost-effective alternative to amalgam restorations. Due to its time-saving processing, it is particularly well-suited for patients with limited compliance. In addition to posterior restorations, it is also well-suited for economical core build-ups.

This composite is available in a universal shade and both in handy syringes and convenient caps for direct application. x-tra fil is also available in the especially economical, bulk package (10g x 5g syringe). 

Excellent material properties and optimal handling

Outstanding physical properties and unproblematic handling is what makes x-tra fil an efficient standard treatment in the posterior area – with its minimum time requirement and equally high safety. Its excellent material properties were achieved through a combination of a multi-hybrid filler technology and an innovative initiator system for photo-polymerisation. This is how increments of up to 4mm in thickness can be safely cured with only ten seconds of exposure (light output min. 800 mW/cm2) with only a minimal amount of polymerisation shrinkage. The reduced shrinkage tension in x-tra fil delivers the foundation for a durable, marginally tight restoration.

x-tra fil meets the special requirements for high wear, load-bearing restorations with its dentin-like compressive strength, thermal expansion behaviour and high abrasion resistance. Due to its very high radiopacity, it provides an excellent radiological contrast to the tooth substance – an ideal pre-requisite for subsequent diagnosis. The high translucency of the material produces a chameleon effect and thus an aesthetic shade match to the surrounding tooth substance.

The application time can be shortened even more in comparison to conventional posterior restoratives by using a self-etch adhesive from the Futurabond family in the equally convenient and hygienic SingleDose.


•     Cost-effective: Tooth-shaded posterior restorations with an attractive cost-performance ratio.

•     Quick: Layers (4mm) are cured in ten seconds.

•     Clever: Simple handling, excellent physical properties.


Clinical use

x-tra fil is the perfect, first-class alternative to amalgam and in situations that require quick, economical and equally reliable results.