1-800-DENTIST Launches Two New Consumer Ad Campaigns

Los Angeles, CA 1-800-DENTIST®, the dental profession’s #1 source of pre-screened new patient leads, announced that it is launching two new consumer ad campaigns to kick off 2016, “Discover the New Dentistry” and “A Brand New Beginning”.

“Discover the New Dentistry” is a special consumer advertising campaign dedicated to promoting the nation’s 15,000-plus CEREC-equipped dental practices. Television spots and online advertising educating consumers about the comfort and convenience of CEREC® single-visit dentistry began appearing nationally on January 4.

“Discover the New Dentistry” grew out of 1-800-DENTIST’s recently announced partnership with Sirona Dental, the owner of CEREC®. The new campaign is specifically designed to help CEREC dentists connect with patients seeking dental restorations.

The first series of TV commercials in the new CEREC-focused campaign feature 1-800-DENTIST founder and long-standing television spokesperson Fred Joyal. The spots highlight the strong patient appeal of CEREC dental restorations for crowns, veneers and fillings, including their natural appearance, the elimination of uncomfortable temporaries, and the ability to complete most treatments in just one appointment.

“A Brand New Beginning” will feature a separate national advertising campaign aimed at the company’s traditional target market of consumers seeking highly qualified local dentists.

“Our “Discover the New Dentistry” campaign for CEREC practices is breaking new ground in dental marketing,” explained Joyal. “This is the first time 1-800-DENTIST has focused a significant share of its advertising budget on attracting a very specific group of patients. We’re expecting to see a major spike in demand for CEREC practices.”

“1-800-DENTIST is one of dental care’s highest profile consumer marketers,” Joyal continued. While we’re excited to be advertising CAD/CAM dentistry at CEREC practices, we haven’t forgotten our other members. 1-800-DENTIST will continue to promote our expertise in matching patients to quality general dentistry practices with a powerful, new national ad campaign.”

1-800-DENTIST is offering all practices that become members of its patient leads programme a variety of exclusive services and marketing tools, including production guarantees and savings on PatientActivator®, a dentistry-focused communications, social and online reputation management tool featuring exclusive CEREC marketing content.