3Shape advances digital revolution

The innovative company is at the forefront of revolutionising dentistry. With their award-winning scanning and CAD/CAM solutions, 3Shape is raising the bar in providing superior patient care in this digital era.

Since its founding two decades ago, 3Shape, an innovative developer and manufacturer of 3D scanners and CAD/CAM software solutions, has undisputedly transformed the way clinicians operate. Over the years, the company has grown exponentially, with Asia Pacific as one of its critical growth areas.

Dedicated to making healthcare more accessible to the population, Dr Georgia Hinton is leading the region in empowering dental professionals in future-proofing their practice and shares how 3Shape plays a vital role in accelerating the digital transformation.


Despite the promising outlook of digital dentistry, there are still numbers of practitioners who are hesitant in adopting the technology, particularly in South East Asia (SEA).

Dr Hinton mentioned that the challenges faced by clinicians in SEA are not unique, but there is a perception that digital is difficult and expensive. Additionally, clinicians across the region are at different stages of their digital journey — having varied needs and challenges.

“For many, going digital can seem like a big step, especially in the current pandemic situation where many businesses remain closed,” she noted.

To address this, 3Shape aims to educate clinicians on the advantages and value that digital dentistry can bring to them, their business and patients.

The company is diligent in connecting and partnering with practitioners as they embark on their digital journey.

“As a dental professional, you want to be confident with the brand you choose as it can be a significant investment. You want a technology with a proven track record, one that can support you and help you grow as your digital workflow experience grows. And, this is what 3Shape is all about,” she explained.

Besides their two decades of history, 3Shape solutions have won numerous awards, including TRIOS being given the Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award for intraoral scanners, an unprecedented eight years in a row. Globally, many dental technicians choose 3Shape lab software, and leading clinicians in their respective fields use their Studio Apps.

“Practitioners can be confident that when they choose a 3Shape solution, it is one of the very best,” she noted.

Additionally, the company supports their clients with numerous educational opportunities through online and in-person training.

“Our digital events have thousands of participants, and the 3Shape Academy is constantly creating new courses, tutorials, and sessions to help professionals optimise their digital workflows,” she added.

In fact, with 3Shape’s open platform and integrations, planning and production options are endless.

Dr Georgia Hinton, general manager of 3Shape Asia Pacific


With their innovative mindset, 3Shape has introduced several ground-breaking technologies. For instance, 3Shape’s most advanced scanner to date, TRIOS 4, remains the industry’s first and only wireless intraoral scanner with caries diagnostic aid technology for surface caries.

Dr Hinton explained, “TRIOS 4 caries diagnostic technology is a gamechanger. We have built-in fluorescent scanning technology that aids in the identification of possible caries. With TRIOS 4, an intraoral scanner is really, much more than just a digital impression device.”

In addition, the scanner’s tips are also scan-ready in seconds with the use of instant-heat technology. Combining this with improved battery life (+30%), users can scan two to three times as many patients.3Shape also added an automatic use counter, with a tip-change alert so users will know when it’s time to change the scanner tips.

Besides TRIOS 4, 3Shape also launched patient excitement apps and a range of Studio Apps that allow for in-house design and production of restorations, implants, clear aligners, splints and orthodontics. Dr Hinton explained that the excitement apps are about engaging patients,hence, they tend to refer to them now as engagement apps.

In fact, the engagement apps take the patient’s excitement to a whole new level. She noted that every doctor who has used an intraoral scanner has probably heard their patient say, “that is so cool!” when they see their scan onscreen.

But more importantly, engagement apps can also help professionals improve their service. From treatment simulator to patient monitoring and smile design, dentists are not only treatment planning, they are also showing patients what can be accomplished. It also comes with a video onscreen that, depending on the app, can also be sent to patient’s mobile phone for them to share with friends and family.

“This is a whole new level of promoting treatment acceptance and lightyears away from how professionals used to do it,” she highlighted.

Continue reading here. Published in Dental Asia May June 2021 issue.