3Shape announces software updates to 3Shape Model Maker

Full arch dental model optimised for 3D printing

Users of 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner and 3Shape Studio applications can now automatically convert their digital impressions to dental models.

The new Model Maker solution, Model Maker 2022.1, uses an automated workflow powered by artificial intelligence (AI)-technology that converts scans to models in minutes.

According to 3Shape, the model is automatically generated from the TRIOS scans with a single click and includes key-features to optimise 3D printing. The algorithm will create a model using hollowing and drain holes, thus optimising the use of resin and to ensure a good printing experience. Bevels are also added to the base structure of the dental model to ensure that models can be removed easily from the build platform of most common 3D printers.

Additionally, an AI-powered algorithm in the cloud will convert TRIOS scans to .STL files which can then be exported and produced. The algorithm ensures an automated workflow requiring no input from the user. 3Shape reported that generating a model can take a couple of minutes depending on factors like local internet speed. While waiting to receive a model, users can exit the workflow using the ‘home’ button and continue to work on other cases.

Other updates include a Cross Section tool to inspect the model, and a progress overview page to verify if the model has finished generating.

Model Maker 2022.1 can only be accessed from the 3Shape Unite platform. Users can enter their workflow either from scratch as ‘new action’ in their TRIOS scanning workflow or by selecting relevant scans and images in the patient media library to create a model from these.