A 360-degree service for digital infrastructure

Digitisation has fundamentally changed dental technology in the last 10 years. The digital fabrication of dentures has become the standard in dental laboratories. In his exciting presentation recorded at the AG.Live CON at the end of April 2021, Christian Ermer, chief marketing officer of Amann Girrbach and responsible for the company’s digital transformation, explained how the newly developed AG.Live platform from Amann Girrbach is now taking digital dental technology to a new level and enabling seamlessly integrated and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Maximum clarity, more efficient processes, and greater customer proximity

The world is digital — more than ever due to COVID-19. Communication is digital, people shop digitally, life itself is becoming more and more digital. And this development does not stop at dental technology. Quite the contrary. Digitally fabricated dentures are already the rule in dental laboratories.

Despite its many advantages, digitisation has however also led to increased complexity. The AG.Live platform makes it possible to monitor the digital workflow from anywhere in the world and, in the future, to manage it as well.

For Ceramill users, AG.Live is the future point of contact for perfectly managing the digital infrastructure in the laboratory (equipment, software, updates, service, maintenance, and training).

The digital connection of clinicians via AG.Live creates a unique network for the digital denture process. The vision behind this product development by Amann Girrbach and the opportunities it opens up for dental technicians and clinicians alike are described impressively by Ermer.

The full presentation is available free of charge in various languages at the Amann Girrbach website.