A Time-Saving Procedure to Create Natural Aesthetics in Posterior Restorations

A flowable bulk-fill composite complements the existing Tetric N-Ceram Bulk Fill


For many years, the universal composite Tetric N-Ceram has been proven successful in restorative dentistry. As part of the ongoing development of restorative materials, a further innovation is now launched on the market:  Tetric N-Flow Bulk Fill.

The new flowable composite complements the mouldable Tetric N-Ceram Bulk Fill composite. In essence, Tetric N-Flow Bulk Fill is based on the composition of Tetric N-Ceram Bulk Fill. The material is applied as a bulk-fill base in Class I and Class II restorations. Just like the existing version, it can be light-cured in large increments of up to 4mm, requiring only short light exposure times. Excellent affinity to cavity walls and self-levelling consistency round off the benefits offered by this volume replacement material. The flowable version contains the same Ivocerin light initiator, patented shrinkage stress reliever and light sensitivity filter like Tetric N-Ceram. The light sensitivity filter extends the working time under ambient and operatory light.


Time savings of up to 55 per cent

User studies have shown that clinicians can save up to 55 per cent of the time required for the incremental technique if they use a bulk-fill material (with Tetric N-Flow and Tetric N-Ceram).


Ivocerin light initiator and Aessencio technology

Another strength of the new composite lies in the Aessencio technology. This technology causes the translucency of the material to decrease from 28 per cent to approximately 10 per cent during polymerisation. In combination with the highly reactive patented Ivocerin light initiator, the Aessencio technology enables composite increments up to a thickness of 4mm to be cured, while at the same time a low dentin-like translucency can be maintained, allowing, among other things, discoloured tooth structure to be masked. This property makes Tetric N-Flow Bulk Fill the ideal companion for Tetric N-Ceram Bulk Fill, which features an enamel-like translucency. Tetric N-Flow Bulk Fill should be covered with a load-bearing composite (e.g. Tetric N-Ceram Bulk fill or Tetric N-Ceram). For restorations in deciduous teeth, the material can be applied without a capping layer.


Tetric®, Ivocerin® and Aessencio® are registered trademarks of Ivoclar Vivadent AG.