Accord Henry Schein to showcase comprehensive product portfolio at the Thai Dental Academic Conference

Accord Henry Schein, the affiliate in Thailand for dental products distributor Henry Schein, has announced that it would be showcasing a selection of its solutions for dental professionals at the Thai Dental Academic Conference No. 116 (2/2023) in Bangkok from 13-15 Dec. The conference is hosted by the Dental Association of Thailand at Centara Grand convention hall in the CentralWorld shopping mall.

“Thai Dental is an excellent occasion to present our product and services portfolio,” said managing director of Accord Henry Schein, Witchu Wanlopsiri. “We are committed to providing dental professionals with high-quality offerings, and this exhibition gives us an opportunity to connect in person with our customers to exchange ideas on how we can further support them.”

“Together with the Accord team, our commitment is to serve as trusted advisors to health care professionals worldwide. We remain steadfast in our dedication to assist customers in navigating new regulations, market developments, and advancements in dentistry. This includes noteworthy developments such as the establishment of the new dental health department within the Thai Ministry of Public Health, as announced in August. Our participation in the Thai Dental Academic Conference serves as an opportunity to not only showcase our solutions but, more importantly, to establish connections with clinicians,” said vice president of Asia at Henry Schein, said Rolf Steffen.

Thai Dental Academic Conference
During the conference, Accord Henry Schein will showcase solutions from orthodontics, endodontics to implantologists and daily-use products. (Image: Henry Schein)

Dental professionals visiting the Thai Dental Academic Conference are also invited to visit the Accord Henry Schein stand where the team of specialists will explain how the company provides dental professionals with solutions needed to improve the clinic or dental laboratory workflow. The team will also demonstrate dental equipment and answer questions about patient experience.

Henry Schein Brand

During the show, dental professionals can receive overview of Henry Schein’s private-label offerings. The Henry Schein Brand products are designed with an emphasis on quality and value to help make the practice more efficient while providing great patient satisfaction. These products have met the company’s high standards to earn the Henry Schein “Seal of Excellence”. 

Reveal clear aligners

Reveal clear aligners (Reveal) are designed to provide patient comfort and aesthetics, while being less likely to stain or discolour over time. Reveal is also said to help minimise the need for attachments in mild to moderate cases, featuring a smooth scalloped edge that enhances patient comfort. For general practitioners, Reveal reported is able to conveniently integrate into the dental practice workflow.


For the endodontic field, dental rotary file suppliers EdgeEndo will be one of the brands highlighted at the Accord Henry Schein stand. The products included in the company´s portfolio are its NiTi files, known for strength and flexibility. The files from EdgeEndo are said to be compatible with most existing endodontic motors in a practice.

Another EdgeEndo highlights is its EdgeFile X7, the company’s best selling NiTi system in the US. EdgeFile X7 incorporates the patented FireWire heat-treating process, which reportedly makes it flexible and reduces the shape memory and ‘bounce-back- effect common with other NiTi files. Also featured are the EdgeOne Fire, EdgeTaper Platinum, EdgeTaper, EdgeSequel Sapphire, and EdgeGlidePath.

BA International

BA International, a Henry Schein company based in the United Kingdom, is a handpiece repair company which provides BA branded handpieces, small equipment, and services. Serving more than 100,000 dentists across more than 70 countries worldwide, BA International is the United Kingdom’s also offers endodontic motors compatible with every EdgeEndo file systems.


Accord Henry Schein will also showcase products from Microcopy. One example is the NeoDiamond bur providing a number of benefits for both dentists and patients, in terms of treatment and efficiency of use. The burs are available in sterile, disposable, single-use packages during individual treatment sessions. This reduces the risk of cross-contamination as well as costs for labour and materials for sterilisation and disinfection. In addition, the burs are sharp and have finely etched cutting edges to ensure treatment is as quick as possible and helps to ensure that discomfort is kept to a minimum.

BioHorizons Camlog’s solutions for implantology

BioHorizons Camlog, as part of Henry Schein’s Global Oral Reconstruction Group, will also present a selection of its line of implant solutions. As a supplier of dental implant systems and restorative components, the company is committed to developing evidence-based and scientifically proven products, as well as continuing education that adheres to the highest standards.

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