Ackuretta announces launch of new UV curing oven, CURIE Plus

The new oven will be unveiled live at a global launch event online at 10am (PDT) on 6 Sep (Image: Ackuretta)

Manufacturer of 3D printing solutions Ackuretta, has announced an upcoming live product unveiling for its new UV Curing Oven, the CURIE Plus. The new product aims to improve aesthetics, enhance mechanical properties, ensure biocompatibility and accuracy of results.

An addition to the CURIE line of the manufacturer, some reported features of the upcoming curing oven includes a chamber capacity capable of curing 8 full arches simultaneously to maximise efficiency; integration with SOL for a 1-click workflow from print to cure; Class 2a biocompatibility for optimal performance and print quality; pre-set curing parameter library & Wi-Fi enabled resin profile updates; and compatibility with a range of nitrogen sources for enhanced mechanical properties and improving finishing.

The CURIE Plus will be unveiled live at a global launch event on 6 Sep at 10am (PDT) where guest speakers Jimmy and Kelly Fincher, owners of Cosmetic Advantage Dental Lab, will share their experience testing the new product.