Ackuretta introduces SOL Plus for high-volume printing workflows

Ackuretta has announced the release of SOL Plus, the company’s latest addition to its lineup of dental 3D printers. The SOL Plus is engineered to redefine high-production dental workflows, combining throughput, versatility, and reliability to meet the evolving demands of modern digital dentistry.

SOL Plus
(Image: Ackuretta)

With its XL platform, SOL Plus has a 12.7×21.8cm large print screen that lets dental practitioners print a full lower and upper jaw, and even multiple full arches, either horizontally up to eight, or vertically up to 28, all while ensuring clinical accuracy and high precision. SOL Plus is validated to handle over 10 biocompatible dental applications, Class I and Class II included, from permanent crowns to splints, dentures, and surgical guides.

SOL Plus is also equipped with the what is said to be the industry’s fastest resin heating technology, optimising printing performance and opening doors to a wider range of materials, including the latest nanoceramic hybrids. Moreover, Ackuretta’s new printer includes automated functions like the build platform lock system and post-printing tilting for resin dripping, resulting in a cleaner working space with no hassle. SOL Plus’ new features are engineered to make dental workflows as simple as possible — including but not limited to a big touchscreen, hood sensor to avoid unwanted UV curing, and easy access for maintenance.

SOL Plus’s technology aims to delivers consistent, reliable results for dental professionals to focus on patients, not printer hassles. Its 5mW UV curing power output enables compatibility with high-ceramic-filled permanent resins and guarantees future-proof resin compatibility. Thanks to its Dynamic Backlight System, users can enjoy enhanced accuracy and print screen longer screen life.

Additionally, Ackuretta revealed that its washing unit, CLEANI is also receiving an update. Starting with a rejuvenated look for its versatile Dual Tank, and following the reveal with a new Tank Plus, which allows CLEANI to join SOL Plus and CURIE Plus to offer a complete 3D printing solution designed for highly demanding workflows — both settings will also include a hydrometer for users to automatically identify when they need to change the alcohol in the tank.

Matching SOL Plus’ capacity, CLEANI with Tank Plus allows for a single-tank alcohol bath that efficiently cleans up resin residue for up to eight full-arch applications at once. Moreover, SOL Plus is natively integrated with CURIE Plus — the UV oven automatically identifies and utilises the correct curing profile for the resin used to print once the printing is complete.

Joining the CURO resin line, Ackuretta’s newest CURO Ortho Model offers dental professionals a reliable and accessible model resin, ideal for aligner production. CURO Ortho Model harmonises perfectly with the new printers’ high-volume production capacity.

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