Airway Armor And Pink Petal From Zirc

Airway Armor

Zirc takes airway protection to the next level with Airway Armor™. Airway Armor™ is a durable, easy, comfortable alternative to the rubber dam that prevents patient aspiration and ingestion of foreign objects and debris during procedures such as: extractions, implants, direct & indirect restorations, crown and bridge, orthodontics, and paediatric procedures.


Pink Petal

Let your saliva ejector blossom into the hands-free suction you and your patients have always wanted. The Pink Petal simply slides onto your saliva ejector to provide continuous, comfortable hands-free suction with no additional attachments. By placing buccal side, the Pink Petal confidently holds the saliva ejector right where you need it – the back corner of the patient’s mouth; all without obstructing your view.