Align Technology integrates CBCT into ClinCheck treatment planning software

Align Technology has announced the new Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) integration feature for ClinCheck digital treatment planning software, a user-friendly tool that combines roots, bone, and crowns into a single 3D model that enables clinicians to visualise a patient’s roots as part of the digital treatment planning process.

The CBCT integration feature will help dentists expand diagnosis and treat a broader range of cases with Invisalign clear aligners by increasing visibility and control of a patient’s underlying anatomical structures during the digital treatment planning process.

“The integration of CBCT scan data into digital treatment planning gives doctors the control and confidence to leverage their expertise and expand treatment to all types of malocclusions, including ortho-restorative cases with implant site preparation, deciding upon different treatment planning options, as well as teen cases to navigate impacted or unerupted teeth,” said Graham Gardner, an orthodontist in Richmond, Virginia.

Raj Pudipeddi, chief product and marketing officer, executive vice-president and managing director, Asia-Pacific, Align Technology, added: “Align is proud to be at the forefront of digital orthodontics and dentistry, building an integrated platform of digital products and services that provide a seamless solution for doctors to efficiently and effectively treat their patients and build their practices.”

The new solution features an easy-to-use interface; CBCT scan data is digitally fused with an intraoral scan resulting into a manoeuvrable 3D ClinCheck treatment plan model, thus making it convenient for doctors to tailor their treatment plans based on their patients’ needs. It is designed to deliver a high-quality, automated feature that is easy for doctors to use and incorporate into their digital workflow.

“Using CBCT scan data integrated into the ClinCheck plan now allows me to see crown, roots, and underlying bone structure from different angles,” said Alain Souchet, an orthodontist in Mulhouse, France. “I can now visually see and take into account the location of impacted teeth, unerupted teeth for my teen patients, and root position of teeth for all my cases. Treatment planning is significantly easier now because I can leverage the power of the ClinCheck software and its many features, such as 3D controls for roots.”

The CBCT integration feature for ClinCheck treatment planning software is currently in technical design assessment and will be scaled in phases across Align’s customer population starting in H2 2022.