All good things come in threes – Axel Klarmeyer completes the management team at BEGO Implant Systems

Axel Klarmeyer, completes the management team at BEGO Implant Systems

Axel Klarmeyer has been appointed as the managing director of the Bremen-based implant manufacturer BEGO Implant Systems since 1 August 2021. Klarmeyer’s focus is on national sales and its customer-oriented synchronisation with the sales departments of BEGO Dental and BEGO Medical.

“In the future, we want to be there for our customers and partners in an even more solution- and service-oriented way. The importance of surgical and prosthetic total solutions is growing rapidly. In this area, we are very well positioned and a reliable partner in many dental situations,” said Klarmeyer. Together with Dr Marzellus große Holthaus and Steffen Böhm, Klarmeyer forms the new management team at BEGO Implant Systems.

Klarmeyer can look back on a long history of success at BEGO: In 1995, he started as a junior sales representative for classic dental technology solutions. In 2002, he became the head of Sales Management of the then-newly founded BEGO Medical, provider of CAD/CAM solutions and SLM pioneer in the dental field. In 2007, he was appointed managing director of sales at BEGO Medical. In 2012, he joined BEGO Dental as managing director of sales and in 2019, as chief executive officer.

“It is both a pleasure and an honour for me to take up this new position. I would like to thank Christoph Weiss and the shareholders for the trust they have placed in me and I look forward to working with my colleagues at BEGO Implant Systems,” said Klarmeyer.