Amann Girrbach presents a check over €17,000 to the Cleft Kinderhilfe

A check to the amount of €17,000 was presented by Amann Girrbach CFO Jörg Mayer to the representative of the Austrian Cleft Kinderhilfe, Stephanie Günther. The dental technology company Amann Girrbach has been supporting the Cleft Kinderhilfe since 2018 in Germany as well as in Austria since 2019, and has already initiated several fundraising campaigns, in several cases together with dealers and customers. As part of a Christmas raffle by employees and with the support of the company’s top management, a further donation check has now been handed over: at the turn of the year 2022/23, the proud sum of  €17,000 was donated to the Austrian Cleft Kinderhilfe.

“We are very pleased to be able to give something back to society in 2022/23 as well. It is important to us that we make our contribution and actively live commitment. Since we began our support for the German and Austrian Cleft Kinderhilfe, numerous surgical interventions and therapies have already been made possible,” said Jörg Mayer, CFO of Amann Girrbach.

Stephanie Günther from the board of the Austrian Cleft Kinderhilfe, who herself is also an employee at Amann Girrbach, was delighted with the generous donation.

“I’m doubly happy, so to speak — I’m delighted to receive this fantastic donation check for something that is very close to my heart, and at the same time I’d like to thank my colleagues and our management for their great commitment. We can really make a big difference with this. To give an example — in the years 2020 to 2022, more than 150 children were helped thanks to Amann Girrbach. After difficult and sometimes rather paralyzing times due to the pandemic, it is wonderful to be able to get back on track and give as many children as possible the prospect of a future. After all, this is not a mere cosmetic correction, but often a matter of survival for the affected children.”