Amann Girrbach to release Ceramill Map FX, new 3D desktop scanner in mid-December

Amann Girrbach has announced that it is set to launch a new lab scanner in mid-December 2023, the Ceramill Map FX which aims to offer high precision with short scanning times and maximum versatility.

The compact Ceramill Map FX scanner is said to operate with precision and repeatability while keeping scanning times short. To ensure safe and efficient processes, the Ceramill Map FX is fully integrated into the digital workflow. The compact dimensions also allows the scanner to be integrated into lab environment where space is limited.

Two comprehensive upgrade options allow the scanner to be expanded to meet the specific needs of the user, according to the company. The basic version of the Ceramill Map FX provides the user with entry-level digitisation at an attractive price/performance ratio. With its modular design, the system is reportedly future-proof and can be expanded and upgraded at any time.

Ceramill Map FX (Image: Amann Girrbach)

In addition to basic prosthetic and orthodontic indications, advanced scanning options are also included in the enhancements. All variants offer high precision with short scanning times. For example, the optional HD scan achieves an accuracy of up to 4µm, and scanning options such as impression scanning or “multidie” offer maximum convenience. All common CAD/CAM systems can be connected via an open interface (.STL, .PLY).

“With the Ceramill Map FX, we have achieved an unbeatable combination of precision, economy and versatility: without a doubt, the scanner will convince laboratories and practice laboratories that appreciate efficiency and future-proofing,” said product manager for Lab CAD/CAM Equipment at Amann Girrbach, Larissa Duarte. “The OneShot Scan can also be ideally combined with the popular Artex articulator system – for example, removing the rotation axis enables vestibular scanning of the articulator. Overall, handling is simple and intuitive. Owing to the integration of the Ceramill Map FX into the digital workflow, high process reliability as well as reproducible results are also ensured.”

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