Amann Girrbach expands range of CAM application with “MillBox for Amann Girrbach”

Amann Girrbach has announced that its milling machines can now be controlled via the “MillBox for Amann Girrbach” software from third-party supplier CIMsystem. This step is said to open the CAM application range of its milling machines to allow customers to integrate these into an already existing software infrastructure.

MillBox for Amann Girrbach
Milling machines from Amann Girrbach can now be used with the third-party software “MillBox for Amann Girrbach” (Image: Amann Girrbach)

CIMsystem is developer of CAD/CAM software for industrial and dental manufacturing as well as for 3D printing applications. The company was founded in Italy in 1999 with the aim of developing innovative software in line with market trends and customer needs. CIMsystem currently serves more than 25,000 customers around the world with solutions in the mechanical, mold making, marble, gold and wood processing, biomedical and dental industries.

Users who work with the MillBox can thus create an individual connection to the existing system to digitally operate the Amann Girrbach Ceramill milling machines. According to the company, the “MillBox for Amann Girrbach” software is characterised by its intuitive interface, and the stored, automated functions shorten the time required for production and minimises manual errors.

“For MillBox users, the ‘MillBox for Amann Girrbach’ software seamlessly integrates into the familiar MillBox environment and workflows and enables access to the familiar MillBox functions. In addition, this open CAM solution offers extended connectivity options for the users of alternative CAD programs such as 3Shape. This makes it easy to import dental CAD designs regardless of source,” said Christian Ermer, vice president marketing and digital at Amann Girrbach.

Users are still able to secure the complete digital and validated workflow with the Ceramill Match 2 software from Amann Girrbach. “CAM and milling know-how are not required to use Ceramill Match 2 – even with little experience, milling programs can be created easily and quickly to fabricate a wide range of differing indications. Positioning and aligning the blanks is also quick and easy,” said Ermer.

MillBox for Amann Girrbach
The integration allows for solutions outside the Amann Girrbach workflow (Image: Amann Girrbach)

Other advantages include the fast calculation of milling paths, sintering-matched and accurate processing of large-span zirconia restorations, and the convenient nesting concept according to the Vita shade guide.

“We permanently advance the development of the Ceramill Match 2 – in the field of composite fabrication, the Diamond Finish processing mode provides for highly esthetic results. And for titanium implant work, the Ceramill Match 2 allows design and fabrication with angulated screw channels. For the user, this offers advantages such as greater flexibility, high speed as well as maximum safety in a perfectly coordinated workflow,” said Ermer.

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