AMD LASERS Announces Free Global Dental Laser Certification Programme

Indianapolis – Because of the rising use of lasers in modern day dental practices, AMD LASERS, the global leader in affordable dental lasers and dental laser education, recently announced it is making its dental laser certification programme FREE for all dentists, universities and clients. The programme exclusively for AMD’s clients and paid for by all others is now free to all. Offered through a downloadable app on iPads, the app contains the most widely used dental laser certification programme in the world. The programme is AGD PACE approved and awards participants with 6 CE credits along with their laser certification. Completely interactive with videos and 50-question test, it allows dentists and hygienists along with dental school grad students and faculty to get the basics of soft tissue dental lasers along with important safety information.

Laser usage in dentistry is becoming the standard of care, and AMD LASERS is pleased to provide this important FREE laser certification programme to universities to teach dental students the replacement technology that patients are expecting to receive from dental practices. Dental lasers replace archaic outdated modalities such as electrosurge and scalpels. Providing this certification programme at no charge to universities will finally allow students to truly learn cutting-edge dentistry in a convenient format.

Alan Miller, Founder and CEO – AMD LASERS, expressed the company’s thoughts on this recent decision, “AMD LASERS has always been dedicated to laser education and the certification programme through the iPad app we developed five years ago was – and still is – an industry first. The decision to make it free globally to every dentist, university and dental school was an easy one. We are now donating the most used dental laser certification programme for free for everyone who wants it, even if they are not an AMD LASERS client. The hard part was figuring out how to make it free while keeping the intuitive, interactive certification programme the same. Now that it is complete, dentists will benefit globally but ultimately it is the patients who are the true beneficiaries. AMD LASERS is committed to delivering the most affordable dental lasers on the planet with culture, class, confidence and world-class training that dentists have come to know us by.”