AMD Lasers to release new Direct X-Ray Photon Detection intraoral sensor

AMD Lasers, Inc (AMD) has announced that it will release the next generation of digital intraoral dental x-ray sensors, Acuity, in 2024 Chicago Dental Society’s Midwinter Meeting on 22 Feb.

AMD Lasers
(Image: AMD Lasers)

According to the company, a digital intraoral x-ray sensor is an essential tool in the dental practice and the complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) is the dominate detection method used for digital intraoral x-ray sensor, possessing the following main issues: lower than desirable resolution, high cost, bulky and cumbersome to place, and poor reliability.

Acuity uses the frontier direct x-ray photon detection (DXPD) technology as the detection method. DXPD detects x-ray photons directly without any conversion crystal layer required by CMOS. DXPD technology is said to greatly reduce x-ray photon loss during the detection and provides the following benefits over CMOS: improved spatial resolution and contrast resolution, broader dynamic range, slimmer sensor profile, lower acquisition and operating cost, and better liability.

Acuity offers size 1.5 and size 1, respectively, along with imaging software. A Twain driver is provided along within the imaging software to seamlessly transfer images to any practice management software. The introductory price including imaging software and Twain driver is US$4,499 for size 1.5 and $3,499 for size 1, respectively. Acuity comes with a standard two-year manufacturing warranty. Extended warranty and product insurance are available with additional cost. A cloud storage service via for all images is provided as part of the Acuity product offering.

“Clinicians have been searching for lower cost, better image quality, and better liability digital intraoral x-ray sensor for a long time,” said Dr Densen Cao, PhD, president of AMD. “Acuity provides all the desired features for digital intraoral x-ray sensors and is another innovation from AMD to make our customers’ jobs easier, faster, and better.” Acuity is assembled in AMD’s facility in West Jordan, Utah, US and will be shipped to the customers before end of Q1, 2024.

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