Angulated screw channels for one-piece single-tooth restorations

BEGO now offers one-piece single-tooth restorations for the anterior and posterior region made from BEGO Titan Grade 5 and Wirobond® MI+ with angulated screw channels of up to 20° for selected implant systems.

With the angulated screw channels for one-piece CAD/CAM-fabricated single-tooth restorations from BEGO, clinicians can individually select the alignment of the screw access channel within the prosthetic restoration from 0° to 20° to the implant position. Thanks to the possibility of direct screwing, clinicians can ensure an optimal occlusal exit of the screw channel in the anterior and posterior region even in difficult and aesthetically demanding situations. The one-piece CAD/CAM-manufactured single-tooth restorations (BEGO CADAbut Full) with angulated screw channels are available as BEGO Titan Grade 5 and Wirobond® MI+ constructions.

In addition to restorations with a straight screw channel, restorations with an angulated screw channel can now also be selected for the following implant series* that can be restored by BEGO:

  • Series 0.1 BEGO Implant Systems – Semados® S implants
  • Series 0.5 BEGO Implant Systems – Semados® SC/SCX/RS/RSX/RI implants
  • Series 1.1 compatible with Straumann synOcta/Standard/Standard Plus/Tapered Effect
  • Series 1.2 compatible with Straumann BoneLevel
  • Series 8.1 compatible with CAMLOG SCREW-LINE/ROOT-LINE

Further information on the angulated screw channels – also for one-piece bridge and bar restorations – can be found in the BEGO Interface Overview and in the Prosthetic Components & CADPositioner Overview. It should be noted that the specifications for the respective tightening torques for the prosthetic screws of the angulated screw channels differ from those for the straight screw channels.

For the prosthetic screw used in connection with the angulated screw channel, a special screwdriver (DYNAMIC ABUTMENT** screwdriver L24) must be used, which can be ordered from BEGO Medical under the reference number 549539.

* The following symbols are commercial designations/registered trademarks of companies which, with the exception of BEGO Implant Systems (Semados®), are not part of the BEGO company group.

** This symbol is a commercial designation/registered trademark of a company which is not part of the BEGO company group.