Anthogyr Enters into a Unique Partnership with Straumann to Boost its Development

Eric Geneve, Chairman and CEO of Anthogyr, announced their partnership agreement with Straumann, the world leader in tooth replacement solutions.

“Anthogyr is strongly growing worldwide for many years and has become a key player in the dental implantology field. Our ambition is to accelerate this growth in line with our Prime Mover strategy. This is the whole meaning of our agreement with Straumann, which is a fantastic acceleration opportunity for Anthogyr.

“Anthogyr will grant Straumann the Axiom® and Simeda® business development in China. We have actively developed our Chinese market for several years. Our products, know-how and brand reputation are now well-recognised in this country.

“Relying on Straumann’s large investments, this partnership will allow us to expand rapidly on this fast-growing segment. This unique alliance is going to provide Anthogyr a great opportunity to benefit from the Straumann Instradent distribution platform. This is opening new business opportunities on other markets, as well as possibilities for technological synergies.

Finally, this partnership emphasises all the recognition of our know-how and commitment to the dental health industry.”


A unique partnership between two key players in the industry

This agreement should be effective at the end of March and will take the following terms:

On one hand, Straumann will acquire a minority stake in Anthogyr. On the other, Anthogyr will build a strategic partnership with Straumann to further develop Axiom® and Simeda® solutions in China.

A key opportunity to join forces with the worldwide leader in this field while still preserving Anthogyr’s main strong points: innovation, flexibility and independence. This partnership proves a full recognition of Anthogyr achievements, high-quality products, know-how and talented team.


Opportunity to accelerate Anthogyr growth

The partnership with Straumann in China will accelerate Anthogyr’s growth in this market while benefiting from Straumann’s significant presence in this country.

Moreover, Anthogyr will benefit from new business development opportunities through access to the Straumann Group’s multi-brand platform for tooth implants and prostheses, Instradent. Thanks to this partnership, technological and business synergies would be further developed between both parties.