Aoralscan 3: Shining 3D’s new intraoral scanner

Shining 3D, the pioneer of independent research and development of 3D digitising and additive manufacturing technologies, has announced an upgrade and expansion of the dental professional 3D scanner series with a brand-new model.

The constant optimisation and innovation by Shining 3D led to the release of its finest intraoral scanner, Aoralscan 3. It improves the overall clinical experience by allowing users to easily acquire digital impressions in a faster and more accurate way. Powerful and intelligent data processing capabilities make Aoralscan 3 the perfect companion for both first-time and experienced users who demand the most from their scanning system.

The Aoralscan 3 can be applied for a wide range of clinical indications, providing a state-of-the-art user experience with the best results:

Faster and more accurate scan performance

The scan speed has been drastically improved, up to 30% faster than the previous model thanks to a renewed scanning technology. Similarly, the accuracy of Aoralscan 3 is also greatly increased by 30%, allowing for better results. In addition, with a longer autoclavable scan tip and a greater scan depth, Aoralscan 3 is suitable for different clinical scenarios; both dentists and patients can expect more comfortable experience.

Smooth scanning experience for dentists

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Aoralscan 3 can automatically identify and filter out miscellaneous data during scanning. Also, with the help of the motion sensing control function, dentists can carry out the scanning process with minimal computer contact, ensuring safe and efficient clinical experience.