Aseptico introduces GO Ultra Portable Dental System

Aseptico has introduced a new model of its GO Ultra Portable Dental System, the AEU-350S, features a fully integrated piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler making the system even more capable for dental hygiene procedures.

GO Ultra Portable Dental System
(Image: Aseptico)

Aseptico designed the GO Ultra Portable Dental System to help dental professionals provide restorative dentistry and dental hygiene in non-traditional settings such as in-home care, institutional settings, or humanitarian dental clinics.

According to Aseptico, the GO Ultra Portable is its most advanced portable dental system ever, improving in size, weight, performance and energy efficiency in portable dental systems. The launch aims to provide more capabilities for dental hygiene while lightening the load for dental professionals. The salient features of the GO Ultra Portable Dental System Leading include the following.

Ultra compact and lightweight: The GO Ultra Portable weighs 32 pounds and meets airline carry-on luggage requirements; no other portable system offers this combination of powerful performance and compact size, according to Aseptico.

Powerful electric motor: The GO Ultra Portable features a powerful brushless motor with fibre-optic illumination for use with 1:1 and 1:5 dental handpieces.

Quiet and global operation: The vacuum system activates only when needed, creating a quieter experience for both patient and operator. Universal AC power input allows operation anywhere in the world (100V-240V/50-60 Hz).

Off-the-grid functionality: The GO Ultra Portable is said to be the only portable dental system in the world that can operate on external 24V battery allowing clinicians to work off-the-grid.

Advanced pathogen filtration: A customer-replaceable Vacuum Line Filter removes 99.9% of virus and bacteria, including COVID, from system exhaust, improving air quality in and around the unit.

Integrated ultrasonic scaler: The AEU-350S model of the GO Ultra Portable introduces a fully integrated piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler with LED illumination to help dental clinicians streamline their oral hygiene workflow, provide a comfortable patient experience for removing plaque and calculus, and ending the need to carry and set-up a separate piece of equipment.

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