Automatic denture cleaning that works

SYMPRO is a compact denture cleaning unit from Renfert especially suitable for cleaning removable dental restorations, orthodontic appliances, and splints. Dr Christopher Tuxford shares his experience in using the system and how he integrated it into his daily practice.

By Dr Christopher Tuxford

First impressions

Trade Exhibition Stuttgart: Full aisles, lots of booths, practically in­formation overload! Everything new, everything great and everything expensive. But then, I saw something out of the corner of my eye as I passed it by. Small, white-grey and unspectacular but somehow, something special. I only then realised that it was the Renfert stand where I had stopped. Laboratory stuff! I’m a dentist! What is that?

The friendly answer was on point: SYM­PRO Denture Cleaning Unit; also for, or only for the practice. Great! The labo­ratory has something like that in large. It takes two to three hours to get the teeth back again. But then again, they looked new. Hence, I asked for more information. For 20 to 40 minutes of cleaning time, post-polishing is not necessary. Wow! And that works? Okay, the price was less than I ex­pected.

Whilst waiting for the device to arrive, I did my research. It all sounded very pos­itive. And then, at last, my first practice run. And then: it was all true, within 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the state of the denture, one can achieve very good re­sults, which are very close to profession­al cleaning in the laboratory. Ideal for cleaning the dentures at the same time as the professional oral prophylaxis and be able to send the patient away with completely clean teeth.

It’s fair to say that now, approximately 80% of denture cleaning is done in the practice. The unit is now well and truly integrated within the daily practice rou­tine and works reliably.

Follow up

We see the dentures again, which were cleaned a few months ago. There are no in­creased deposits on the dentures that indicate any micro-abrasion that may have occurred. In the meantime, patients with dentures heavily discoloured due to smoking have spoken to us and asked directly for the denture cleaning service.

The plan to use the device for regu­lar cleaning of the dentures from retire­ment home residents is currently still failing due to logistics. There is a need, but whether this will be paid for re­mains to be seen.

A year has passed. With the exception of new patients, there are hardly any den­tures requiring significant and therefore longer cleaning times than more than 20 min­utes.


Denture cleaning only takes less than 20 min­utes and can be easily carried out during half a professional tooth cleaning ses­sion. I would say the introduction of the SYMPRO Denture Cleaning system into my dental office has been a great suc­cess.

About the author

Dr Christopher Tuxford studied dentistry in Heidelberg, Germany, (1996 to 2001) after completing his professional training as a dental technician. He has been working as a dentist since 2002, initially as an assistant dentist. At present, Dr Tuxford now runs his own dental office in Linkenheim-Hochstetten, Germany, since 2006. As a dental technician and dentist, he focuses his work on prosthodontics and aesthetic, conservative dentistry.

Published in Dental Asia November/December 2021 issue.