Avrio Health launches Betadine® Antiseptic Oral Rinse for professional use

Avrio Health L.P. (Avrio), a subsidiary of Purdue Pharma L.P. (Purdue), has launched the new Betadine® Antiseptic Oral Rinse (active ingredient 0.5% povidone-iodine, or PVP-I), an oral antiseptic pre-procedural rinse. The product is for professional use only, and is not for retail sale.

Betadine antiseptic products have been used in the hospital and outpatient settings for their antiseptic (antimicrobial) properties for more than 50 years.

Betadine® Antiseptic Oral Rinse should be administered by professionals and used in preparation of the oral mucosa prior to injection, dental surgery, or tooth extraction.

This product should not be used for more than seven days and in children under 12 years of age unless directed by a dentist or doctor. It is also contraindicated to those who have allergy to povidone-iodine or any other ingredients in this product, and individuals with any thyroid conditions.