BEGO LabScan HD – Powered by exocad

As of now, BEGO expands its scanner range to include a fully automatic optical strip light scanner with exocad software. The latest scanning technology of the BEGO LabScan HD-scanner offers user access to the unique world of BEGO CAD/CAM products.


With its scanner, BEGO opens new perspectives in the CAD/CAM technology for dental laboratories. Two rotating cameras in HD quality ensure best scan results with an accuracy of <10µm. Thanks to the Stable Scan Stage technology, there is no time-consuming model fixation required. The model can be placed in the scanner easily and the scanning process can start.

Next to the scanner and a calibration set, the scope of delivery contains PC, keyboard and mouse – to enable a direct start in the laboratory. Setting up, commissioning and training are all carried out by trained technicians.

The package also includes the software exocad DentalCAD for the design of anatomic crowns, copings, bridge framework, as well as inlays, onlays and veneers and the Virtual Articulator Module that allows users to consider dynamic occlusion. Furthermore, the system comprises an update agreement for one year. Optional software modules can be booked additionally and make the system unique variable.

The new scanner offers dental technicians access to the unique world of BEGO CAD/CAM products, which are manufactured in the high-tech production centre in Bremen. After finishing the scanning process, users can choose the appropriate material from an extensive material portfolio. The desired semi-finished parts are made in Bremen by using the latest laser and milling technologies in currently four different techniques (SLM, HSC, CAD/Cast and rapid prototyping) and are sent to the laboratory for finalisation within a short delivery time.

A comprehensive service concept including an own equipment and repair service, as well as hotline user support and technical field service, completes the package.