Behind every success, there is persistence

Dr Ryan Tse, founder of Perfect Smile Esthetic Center in Hong Kong, and chairperson of The Hong Kong Society of Esthetic Dentistry

Over the years, Dr Ryan Tse has continuously challenged the norm and seeks to improve himself as a dental practitioner. With his hard work, persistence and willingness to adopt modern concepts and techniques, he is now chairperson of The Hong Kong Society of Esthetic Dentistry, which he co-founded with trusted colleagues. Delivering patient-centric dental services at Perfect Smile Esthetic Center in Hong Kong, Dr Tse is also relentless in sharing his knowledge and expertise with fellow practitioners.

Planting seeds

Armed with a master’s degree in prosthodontic and implant dentistry, Dr Ryan Tse embarked on a journey specialising in aesthetic dentistry when he joined a one-year course organised by the Global Institute of Dental Education (GIDE).

Through this programme, Dr Tse met world-class speakers and educators in the dental field such as Dr Mauro Fradean, founder and director of Fradeani Education; Dr Pascal Magne, father of biomimetic dentistry; Dr Ed Mclaren, chief executive officer of ArtOral America; and Dr Didier Dietschi, senior lecturer at Interdisciplinary Dental Education Academy (IDEA), United States (US), who inspired him to devote himself to aesthetic dentistry.

He then attended Dr Magne’s course in IDEA San Francisco, US, before heading to Seattle, US, to enroll in a comprehensive programme in the Kois Centre — a curriculum taught almost exclusively by Dr John Kois, using the Kois Research Center research. The Kois Center is the only continuing education programme in the US that conducts and publishes independent research. 

A great influence to Dr Tse’s career, Dr Kois emphasises on the need to work with a good technician.

“This advice brought my practice to a totally different level. I am so glad that I had a chance to work with world-class ceramists, Mr Naoki Hayashi and Mr Lamberto Villiani, in my career,” he admitted.

Dr Tse also mentioned that he performed a huge case with Mr Villiani, which got published in the Compendium with Dr Kois in 2016.

In addition, Dr Tse also had the opportunity to work as an instructor at the University of Southern California (USC) implant and aesthetic programme in the US, alongside with the course director, Dr Baldwin Marchack.

As former president of the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (AAED) and International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry (IFED), Dr Marchack left a great impact on Dr Tse when he invited the latter to attend the AAED conference which focused on multi-disciplinary dentistry.

The conference was an eye-opener for Dr Tse as he was able to witness how the different disciplines in dentistry work together to achieve even greater results.

Growing the roots

With the knowledge and experience gained from his overseas studies, Dr Tse headed back to Hong Kong to set up a local-based aesthetic dentistry group.

He said: “I shared this idea and insight with my good friends: Dr She, an orthodontist; Dr Ho, a periodontist; Dr Chow, a specialist in oral maxillofacial surgery; and Dr Tam, a general dentist. They had the same vision as me and we started the society.”

In 2017, they officially established The Hong Kong Society of Esthetic Dentistry, carrying the mission to promote the advancement of art and science of aesthetic and inter-disciplinary dentistry among Hong Kong dental professionals and the public.

Additionally, Dr Tse also founded the Perfect Smile Esthetic Centre, specialising in smile and facial aesthetics. Located in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, with a panoramic view of the Victoria Harbour, Dr Tse challenged the traditional view of dental care by developing patient-oriented services and prioritising patient experience.

With his treatment philosophy leaning on minimally invasive dentistry, he invested heavily on equipment and technology to ensure accurate diagnosis and risk assessment as well as efficiency and reliable service.

“I started to use digital technology in 2012 with the purchase of my first scanner and CAD/CAM machine, CEREC Omnicam from Dentsply Sirona. The company provided the basic training and invited me to join an intensive training in Germany. This is where I learned how to integrate the technology into my daily practice,” he said.

Partnering with an innovative and supportive company was crucial when Dr Tse started to equip his practice with the latest technologies.

His requirements are: “The brand should be the pioneer in the industry and innovative. In addition, the support is also important, especially in education, training and technical support.”

In 2016, Dr Tse joined the Digital Smile Design (DSD) intensive training in Miami, US, and met the founder, Dr Christian Coachman, who inspired him to further develop his skills in digital dentistry and become a DSD keynote speaker.

At DSD, he can work out a facial-driven treatment plan, noting that the management of patient expectation is critical in dentistry.

Dr Tse, elaborated: “With the DSD design and drawing, the patient can visualise the treatment outcome. We can also visualise the patient’s expectation before the treatment and discuss the limitations to work out the final treatment plan.”

Today, Perfect Smile Esthetic Centre is fully digitalised with an intraoral scanner, milling machine as well as a 3D printer.

These technologies allow his team to follow a digital workflow. In fact, they do not take traditional impression anymore; mounting and wax up procedures are digitalised too.

“Digital wax up has many advantages. We can have many proposals just by pressing one button and we can make the wax up translucent for better assessment. We can also print out the model and do the mock up. This can never happen in the analogue world,” he said.

Continue reading here. Published in Dental Asia July/August 2021 issue.