Bringing colour and character to hybrid ceramic, composites and polymers

The light-curing composite stain system VITA AKZENT LC brings colour and character to the digital workflow. Monolithic restorations made of hybrid ceramic, composites or polymers are growing increasingly popular as a straightforward and economical all-ceramic alternative.

With 14 multi-faceted effect stains, VITA AKZENT LC breathes new life into these types of restorations with natural stain effects. With four glazing chroma stains, shade adjustments can be made within a shade group in VITA classical A1-D4 and in VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER, if required.

VITA AKZENT LC GLAZE provides the final surface sealing. The external and internal stain system can also be used in the same way in combination with veneering composites and ready-made teeth.