British Dental Association: Dentists: Let Evidence – Not Prejudice – Shape Response to Sugar Crisis

The British Dental Association (BDA) has called for clarity after government sources denied claims government was considering a sugar tax.

Department of Health and Downing Street sources have both issued statements following reports in today’s Times that the government was now open to a sugar levy.

Tooth decay is currently the leading cause of hospital admissions among young children in the UK. This week, Cancer Research UK joined the long list of organisations including the BDA and the British Medical Association in calling for action, including a sugar tax.

With research from Mexico indicating that sugar levies have led to a dramatic drop in sugar consumption, the BDA has called on the PM and Health Secretary to be guided by evidence. BDA Chair Mick Armstrong said:For a moment, we thought the government had come to its senses on sugar. When facing down a crisis, no responsible policymaker should take any option off the table. We never expected the PM to become a tax cheerleader, but we expected serious consideration of the facts – on marketing, education and taxation.

“Tooth decay and type 2 diabetes are just two conditions placing a huge strain across the health service. Health professionals expect clarity from Ministers that evidence, and not personal prejudices, are shaping their response.”