CAD-Ray announces new partnerships with DOF, MaxxDigm and Akuretta

CAD-Ray is once again making an addition to its technology offerings by partnering with another three manufacturers that share their vision for innovative, user-friendly dental technology.

The union of CAD-Ray and DOF will bring the innovative Craft 5X milling machine to CAD/CAM dental offices in the US market. The Craft 5X mill is an all-in-one unit consisting of a dust collector, water pump and compressor packed in a tower-shaped housing. It is easy to install, user-friendly, and intuitive, according to CAD-Ray, and can work with any intraoral scanner and any CAD design platform, including both CLINUX by CAD-Ray and exocad.

CAD-Ray has also announced a partnership with MaxxDigm, a South Korean robotics company. CAD-Ray will be distributing the CHAIRMAN four-axis chairside milling unit. The CHAIRMAN is equipped with 0.5kW servomotors and dual spindles, and is able to perform a 10-minute milling times for glass ceramics and zirconia. It comes self-contained, interfaces easily with any IOS and/or CAD system, and has direct integrations with CLINUX by CAD-Ray and exocad Chairside CAD.

Finally, CAD-Ray and Akuretta have also announced a distribution partnership for the SOL Dental 3D printing system. The SOL is an LCD printer with a native resolution of 49 microns, and a chairside solution for high-precision, fast 3D printing. SOL delivers “ultra-accurate” results thanks to 54 LED lights that perform at 95% light uniformity. It can be paired with the SOL automatic wash/dry unit and Ultra-Fast UV cure box to complete the package. Furthermore, SOL is an open platform printer with resins available from Akuretta, and partner companies like Keystone, Dentca, Bego and more.

CAD-Ray Distribution is a provider of dental CAD-CAM and CBCT solutions, education, and training. CAD-Ray is also a distributor of MEDIT intraoral scanners, and has partnerships with industry technology manufacturers such as Sprint-Ray, Prexion, HDX-Will, Vita, exocad and more. CAD-Ray also manufactures its own CAD software, CLINUX, a web-based CAD CAM software for dentists that is completely browser-based.