CAD-Ray partners with Impress3D

CAD-Ray, a peer-to-peer, dentist-owned solutions company, has partnered with Impress3D, the leading provider of 3D-printed partial dentures and related software services to dentists worldwide.

Damien Bonner, vice-president of Business Development at CAD-Ray, saw this as a win-win for both the company and its customers: “Partnering with Impress3D allows us to offer our loyal customers the perfect solution for all their partial denture needs. Sending a case to Impress3D through the Medit portal is quick and easy, and just another convenience of doing business with CAD-Ray. Uploading the scan allows Impress3D to provide a fully interactive 3D design preview within 24 hours and allows the dentist to review, adjust, prescribe and order a partial in three minutes or less. The process is simple, and you’ll have the partial denture delivered to your office in as few as five business days and with only one or two office visits required for the patient.”

Clay Teufel, chief executive officer and founder of Impress3D, was equally as enthusiastic about joining the CAD-Ray team to bring Impress3D to its users: “We pride ourselves on our leading manufacturing and software technology and partnering with CAD-Ray allows us to bring our products to more dentists efficiently and effectively.

“All of our flexible partial dentures are made exclusively with Valplast, 3D printed using technology developed by Arfona Printing. As the leading brand of dental resin for over 70 years, Valplast is extraordinarily durable yet flexible, with a lifetime guarantee against breakage and requiring little to no adjustment from the dentist.

“Together with CAD-Ray, we believe we can save dentists a tremendous amount time prescribing and ordering partial dentures while also saving them money through eliminating most of the office visits required with traditional partial dentures.”