CAD-Ray releases Clinux CAD-design Software

CAD-Ray, a peer-to-peer, dentist-owned solutions company, has released its newest offering, Clinux CAD-design software. Clinux (an abbreviation of “Clinical User Experience”) is the result of collaboration by a team of experts hailing from the most reputable and recognisable brands in dental technology. It was designed by those who know the pain points of the best existing programs, and executed a plan to eliminate the confusing barriers to simple plug-and-play design.

One of the hurdles of using design software has always been that it was created with lab technicians in mind, the rationale being that technical staff would be using it more than clinicians. For this reason, it is no wonder that many offices still send their scans to labs to be designed “by the experts.”

However, with the boom in digital and CAD/CAM dentistry, many offices are finally making the leap to bringing some or all of that workflow in-house to be done chairside. While there are many solutions available to incorporate one or more aspects of the digital dentistry workflow into the practice, it is safe to say that the innovative design of Clinux is a turning point for design software.

The most exciting feature of Clinux setting it apart from all others is that it is the only design programme available that can create a cloud-based file with no storage required. This is a game-changer for everyone looking to pair another stand-alone scanner with milling units belonging to another system.

With STL output, no start-up costs and subscription fees as low as US$66/month, it is significantly less expensive than any other stand-alone design options in its class, and a perfect complementary addition for those looking to increase the productivity of their CEREC, Ivoclar or Planmeca mill. The system is optimised for Medit, but compatible with all IOS, and in addition to STL, it conveniently accepts OBJ and PLY files.

As with all CAD-Ray products, support is unparalleled. Subscriptions include access to a training library, a closed social media group and instant messaging support. Thus, assistance is available at a moment’s notice.