CandidPro announces new capabilities to support mixed dentition cases

Orthodontic company Candid has unveiled that its CandidPro clear aligner systems is now equipped to support mixed dentition cases.

According to the company, the newly expanded capabilities will enable CandidPro providers to treat a broader range of youth cases using its signature clear aligners and CandidMonitoring technology. This includes the ability for CandidPro dental professionals to alert treatment planning teams when a case includes mixed dentition and select the teeth that requires eruption compensation.

“Many of our airway-focused clinicians opt to begin orthodontic treatment while some of the patient’s primary teeth remain intact. Before this update, CandidPro required every patient to be at least 12-years-old with a full set of adult teeth. Now, we will support all patients who have fully erupted upper and lower incisors and first molars, giving our providers the opportunity to offer CandidPro to all their clear aligner patients,” said the company. “With this feature release, we hope to provide an easier solution for all mixed dentition cases and firmly position CandidPro as a leading choice for practitioner-led clear aligner therapy.”

The platform’s new capabilities are said to treat a broader range of cases (Image: CandidPro)

In addition, the company’s introduction of an unlimited refinement policy, which provides for unlimited refinements within three years of start of treatment, is said to offer CandidPro providers more flexibility to improve treatment to younger patients — especially providers focused on airway health.