Carbon introduces three new resins to its platform

(Image: Carbon, Pac-Dent, Desktop Health and Keystone)

Product development and manufacturing technology company Carbon has announced the release of three resins on its platform — Pac-Dent Rodin Sculpture, Desktop Health Flexcera Base, and Keystone KeyGuard. Each resin has been meticulously tested and validated for use with Carbon’s printers, marking a enhancement to Carbon’s dental material portfolio.

The launch is part of Carbon’s initiative to facilitate innovation in the dental industry, empowering labs to diversify their production capabilities and explore new applications. With these validated resins Carbon’s platform now offers even more versatility that underwent the stringent testing process to ensure quality and compatibility.

“With the introduction of these new resins, dental labs can look forward to improving their workflow efficiency and product offerings while providing customers with the latest in dental care advancements,” co-Founder and office of the CEO, said Phillip DeSimone. “Each resin will unlock new opportunities for dental labs and further highlight Carbon’s unwavering resolve to drive dental industry innovation via advanced, best-in-class resins.”

Pac-Dent Rodin Sculpture Resin: Developed for modern dental restorations, the Pac-Dent Rodin Sculpture Resin introduces a new all-on-x solution for temporary provisionals on the Carbon platform that promises premium precision, aesthetics, and strength. This resin is the first in Carbon’s lineup that is FDA 510k-cleared for all-on-x temporary dental appliances, offering a nanohybrid ceramic formulation for lifelike permanent restorations. Additionally, it is the first permanent crown material to contain over 50% ceramic filler, meeting requirements for updated ADA insurance code reimbursements: D2740, D2630, D2644.

Desktop Health Flexcera Base: Following the successful validation of Flexcera Smile Ultra+ restorative tooth resin, Flexcera Base joins Carbon’s portfolio as the latest innovation in denture base materials. This resin is designed for creating high-impact denture bases, combining optimal fracture resistance with excellent aesthetic quality. Both Flexcera Base and Flexcera Smile Ultra+ are FDA-cleared, ensuring that dental labs can confidently offer reliable permanent and temporary solutions to their customers.

Keystone Industries KeyGuard: Keystone Industries brings to the Carbon platform the Keystone KeyGuard, a flexible resin for crafting high-quality, custom-fit mouthguards. This addition offers dental professionals the opportunity to design sports mouthguards digitally with custom variable wall thicknesses to provide comfort and protection to the end user.

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