Carestream Dental helps practitioners achieve better implant outcomes with new implant design software and drilling template system

Carestream Dental has expanded its implant solution portfolio with the Swissmeda Dental Planning System (DPS) to give practitioners, labs, dental service organisations (DSOs) and implant companies an easier surgical guide design process, faster turnaround from design to guide, smoother surgery, and better implant outcomes.

Swissmeda DPS is a fully digital cloud-based prosthetic-driven implant planning module that allows users upload CBCT and intraoral scanner data, share diagnoses and exchange treatment plans with relevant members of the dental team. Essentially, what once required in-person meetings after work can now be planned virtually across the Internet.

Whether the practitioner wishes to design their own drilling template or chooses to review and approve a proposed plan from Swissmeda based on their submitted imaging data, Swissmeda DPS is all about efficiency.

Built-in collaboration and communication tools make it easy to seek feedback from referrals or the lab. Whichever design path they choose, design templates are then ordered, printed and delivered to help the practitioner achieve excellent clinical outcomes on the day of surgery. The patent-protected drilling template’s lightweight wire frame is highly accurate and provides good visibility during surgery.

“I’m a big believer that no one can succeed in this industry on their own; that’s why Carestream Dental and Swissmeda have been closely developing technology that goes hand in hand,” said Lisa Ashby, chief executive officer of Carestream Dental. “Today, with increased demand for implant planning and placement, guided surgery, data transfer and storage and collaboration tools, it makes sense to officially welcome Swissmeda and its innovative system to the Carestream Dental portfolio.”

For an even smoother planning process, Carestream Dental has integrated a Swissmeda export button within its imaging software to allow users to directly interface with surgical planning software. Swissmeda also accepts image files from most major technology manufacturers’ CBCT systems and intraoral scanners to enhance – not eliminate – the investments practitioners have already made their practices. For added flexibility, the treatment planning and the guide design is compatible with any implant manufacturer.

As a cloud-based tool, Swissmeda is also designed to handle the large image files needed for implant planning and can easily transfer and store images. These images can even be accessed from a mobile device. 

To celebrate the addition of Swissmeda, Carestream Dental is hosting a series of live events and pre-recorded webinars across its regions showcasing how combining technology leads to better implant outcomes.