Carestream Dental partners with Overjet to give doctors greater access to artificial intelligence

Carestream Dental has partnered with Overjet, the industry leader in dental artificial intelligence. The partnership gives Carestream Dental’s customers access to Overjet’s AI-powered X-ray analysis tool that detects decay, quantifies bone loss and highlights other areas of concern.

Overjet’s FDA-approved technology can also analyse 18 months of prior radiographs and cross-reference them with an office’s practice management system to identify potential decay and periodontal disease that has not been diagnosed.

Research shows that diseased teeth are misdiagnosed nearly a quarter of the time when using traditional methods*. However, the AI technology eases the workload and streamlines the diagnostic process for practitioners, while building greater trust with their patients.

“We’re seeing an increase in AI in every part of the industry, which is giving clinicians greater confidence in their diagnosis and treatment planning,” said Jeremy Thomas, general manager of the Americas for Carestream Dental. “Now, Carestream Dental imaging customers will experience a new level of confidence and quantification with access to Overjet’s AI analysis tool.”

“With this partnership, thousands of more dentists will have AI technology at their fingertips to help improve patient care,” said Wardah Inam, co-founder and CEO of Overjet. “Overjet is committed to improving oral health by creating a future that is clinically-precise, efficient and patient centric.”

Carestream Dental is a catalyst for technological innovation and continues to expand its portfolio with ongoing investments in solutions that drive practice and partner value and differentiation.

*Ekert T, Krois J, Meinhold L, Elhennawy K, Emara R, Golla T, Schwendicke F (2019) Deep Learning for the Radiographic Detection of Apical Lesions. J Endod. 2019 Jul;45(7):917-922.e5. doi: 10.1016/j.joen.2019.03.016. Epub 2019 Jun 1.