Carestream Dental seals new partnership with Dental Whale

To continuously find ways to simplify the business of dentistry through technology and provide the best kind of service to their customers, Carestream Dental has announced its official partnership with Dental Whale.

Jeremy Thomas, general manager of the Americas for Carestream Dental, confirmed that they have signed the partnership deal with Dental Whale to provide seamless integration with My Dental Whale Platform—connecting their members to an online ecosystem delivering end-to-end digital practice solutions.

“This new partnership gives our mutual customers a convenient avenue to discover new products and services that will make running their practices easier,” said Thomas. “That means less stress around practice management, marketing and training and more focus on caring for patients.”

Russ Baker, equipment, service and supplies leader for Dental Whale, explained that they decided to partner with Carestream Dental since they are among the most reliable in the digital dental industry. Carestream Dental also shares the same goals as Dental Whale, with a mutual mission of creating breakthroughs in dental practice management through insight and innovation.

Carestream Dental offers a wide range of technological solutions that address everything from managing a practice to using AI to capture the perfect image to designing surgical guides and implants that lead to better patient outcomes.

Dental Whale, a practice solution and learning provider in North America, currently serves more than 20,000 private and dental support organisations. Joe Cavaretta, chief executive officer, Dental Whale leader, said the partnership will “strengthen their customer base, which is expected to significantly increase in the coming years.”

Through My Dental Whale Platform, clinicians and office staff have full control of their practice by streamlining access to essential business and marketing services, supply and equipment ordering, masterclass training, data intelligence and now, through this new partnership with Carestream Dental, access to best-in-class imaging technology and cloud-based practice management solutions, as well as an expanded service support infrastructure.

The partnership will extend the services of Dental Whale Learning with a curriculum that will provide expert guidance in implementing a digital workflow into dental practices. Whether a customer is a new dentist, starting a new practice, is part of an existing practice or part of a group practice, this new course will leverage Carestream Dental’s digital imaging and cloud security experts to provide the most valuable training and revenue-generating education for practices.

Dental Whale is hosting Carestream Dental at their annual Business Immersion Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada, US, on 23-24 Sep 2022, where they plan to formally launch the partnership.