Causes of Oral Cancer Highlighted

Smoking and betel nut chewing are some of the proven causes of oral cancer that subsequently lead to death. Dental doctor Anare Sailo made these comments during an interview on National Oral Health Week issues.

“Betel nut chewing and smoking has been proven to be a major factor in oral cancer,” Dr. Sailo said. “Basically it is what they put together with the betel nut that affects the tissues. The effects of this on the gum tissues are caustic because it slowly burns away the gum tissues,” he said.

Dr. Sailo said people chewing betel nut may not feel anything but the effect of the chemical reaction in the mouth slowly burns the lining of the gums.

“As for smoking, it is the components of chemicals in cigarette rolls that cause oral cancer,” he said.

He urged members of the public to have their teeth regularly checked and he also emphasised on early detection of oral problems. “Prevention is better than cure,” he said. – Peni Mudunavonu