Celebrating 30 Years Of Algipore — Recreate Nature With Symbios Regenerative Solutions From Dentsply Sirona Implants

With Algipore, from the Symbios line of regenerative solutions, Dentsply Sirona Implants celebrates 30 years of proven reliability and effectiveness of this natural phycogenic bone graft material.


The unique structure of Algipore

Algipore originates from calcifying red algae. It is natural bone like, biocompatible, osteoconductive, and stable during bone formation. It has a unique pore structure that promotes new bone formation for the best possible outcomes in implant treatment preparation.

Algipore, being a plant-based bone graft material, is a natural first choice for patients who would like to avoid xenografts and allografts.

“In times of well-informed and critical patients, it is important to offer patients a material of non-animal origin. Above all, the increasing number of vegans, but also religious reasons make it necessary to react and to offer alternative materials,” says Dr. Thomas Hanser, a partner at Private Clinic Schloss Schellenstein in Olsberg, Germany.

With 30 years of scientific documentation and clinical use, predictable treatment outcomes has been established for indications such as sinus grafting, augmentation in the atrophic maxilla, and filling material at peri-implantitis lesions.

Symbios regenerative solutions

Symbios offers a variety of regenerative solutions needed to create a solid base for hard and soft tissue growth, creating synergy between natural-looking aesthetics and long-term function.


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